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Windows Phone 7.5: Day 2

Pinning people and groups

This is a fantastic and innovative way to keep up with what friends, family and colleagues are up to.
Out of the box (once you've added an account for your social network) it has a people hub that brings together activities and photos for all of your social network contacts into one place. This is great in itself.... However there's also the option to pin one of these contacts to your start page which shows you their current picture and latest update on the live tile, but then also allows you to select that person to see their posts across all of your social networks and to view images that they've posted too.

To take this a step further, you can create a group (such as family, for example), put contacts into the group and pin the group to the start page, and again you can see all posts from that group of people. This could be a great way of keep up to date on developments in your industry, or key players in your industry. A fantastic feature in my opinion.

Saving a number to the phonebook

I found this frustrating. I had someone call me yesterday. They weren't in my phone book, so I went to save them (as I normally would) and couldn't find an option to create a new contact from a recently dialled or received call. I thought this was pretty basic functionality included in the £15 talk and text pay as you go phones you can get at the moment.
I couldn't even find the ability to copy and paste that number.
I ultimately resorted to writing the number down and rekeying it in to the new contact. Frustrating to say the least.
Thanks to Dan Harris, I've now found how to save the number. It was obvious that I could tap the number. I'd tried tapping and holding and could only see a button to call the number. Oh well... Lesson learnt... Seems easy now I know how. 


These seem to be a little bit more flexible than they are on iOS, probably to the same degree as they are on BBOS6. There's plenty of system tools that fill some of the gaps such as quickly toggling the WiFi and Bluetooth off/on (Toggle), the sort of customisation that I only saw in iOS when it was jailbroken.

Apps generally seem to be more expensive on the Windows Phone platform. I don't know the reasoning behind this. For paid apps, you're generally looking at about 2-3 times more with a fair number of games being around the £4.50 - £5.00 mark while I would normally expect these games to be to be around £1.99. Similarly, 99p games on iOS are retailing for around £2.50 on Windows Phone. I don't know whether this is the same for the rest of the world, and whether this has anything to do with any additional licensing costs to link the app in with Xbox Live. 

Some favourite apps already

I know this is a Windows Phone 7.5 review/experience, but if you take any mobile OS on their functions and don't consider their app ecosystem then Symbian and BBOS would be ranking as high as Windows Phone, iOS and Android, so I thought I'd cover some of the gems I've found as I go along.

I've got 2 favourites so far, Lync 2010 and Diarist. 

Lynx 2010 is a mobile client for Lync Server and Lync Online. You must have one or the other to use it. Fortunately for us, Lync Online comes with our Office 365 service (if you're interested in more info about this, give me a shout).
Lynx is a corporate IM application, on the desktop it allows online meetings, desktop sharing, integrates with VoIP systems and more. I've been fond of this system since it was Microsoft Office Communicator, having (like others) experienced the benefits of Windows Live Messenger and it's predecessor MSN Messenger, both aimed more at the consumer market.
This app works well and like most things I've experienced with WP7 so far, looks great.
Diarist is a little app I've found for writing blog posts, which makes writing this one easier on the move. It works with the MetaBlog API which Kentico CMS uses (we like Kentico, we're Gold Partners). It's free and well worth a try if you want to post while on the move.

The URL format for setting up a Kentico Blog with Diarist is:
http://<application path>/CMSModules/Blogs/CMSPages/MetaWeblog.ashx

General look and feel

I'm really liking the high contrast appearance of apps, and the really wide apps that you only see a small portion of at a time. I didn't think I would, so it really is a pleasant surprise. It's great to see that app makers have all bought into this too by creating their apps in the same style. We'll see if I'm still saying that in 29 days time.
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