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Windows Phone 7.5: Day 7

A week on since I first switched to Windows Phone 7 and how am I feeling. Well in a word...


It has been (so far) nothing like I expected. I didn't really think I would like it as much as I am... My expectations were that it's better than a BlackBerry, but worse than an Android, and that I'll settle for that as I've got a fast, touch-screen phone with a hardware keyboard. In reality? I think I've got an iPhone contender in my hands - there isn't really anything that I'm missing from my iPhone that Windows Phone doesn't do.

I'm really enjoying the reaction from people. The Dell Venue Pro is a very nice looking phone, albeit big, and a little heavier than an iPhone... It looks great, and the size lends itself well to a larger screen, and AMOLED screen is lovely and bright.

Gaming, with the rubberized edges and the curved body feels more like I'm playing on a PSP than any phone. Graphics in games look smooth, and animation/motion is smooth, responsive and stutter free.

Within a week I feel like I know my way around the device quite well... No dropping to think were things are and what I have to tap to get to something. I'm also very much enjoying keeping up to date with my cousin's trip to see her boys in California from Facebook, as well as everyone else's latest news. Something I felt was a little more difficult than it should be on the BlackBerry, and not as easy on the iPhone... Try it for yourself on an iPhone... View all status updates by family members (for example).

I'm also getting used to the battery life. When I first got the phone I was hammering for probably 7 hours a day, and the battery was dying before the end of the working day, whilst now my usage has calmed to a more realistic level it's well into the evening before battery saver even kicks in.

Have I mentioned battery saver yet? An excellent feature. Microsoft have realised that maintaining a constant connection to the server for the purpose of push notifications is a battery draining operation, so there's an option to automatically save battery when it gets low by turning push notifications off. This feature takes a phone from having less than 1 hour battery left to more than an hour, though I've not measured the exact time increase, I'm just going off the on-screen guidance.

Does Google Android offer a similar feature? I've know android owners turning every feature of the phone off to try to get a working day out of the battery.

Posted: 20/12/2011 08:49:20 by Kurt Farrar | with 1 comments

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At last, smoonee comes up with the "right" answer!
16/04/2012 02:54:24

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