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The value of cross browser testing

A few days ago I had a problem with one of the websites I was building where OBJ (with a dashed box around it) was displayed as a character in the body of my content.

This didn't show on the Mac under OSX, but was picked up during cross-browser testing on Windows 7 running Internet Explorer 9.

I checked the HTML from my Mac and there was nothing erroneous there, so I tried a Google search to see if anyone else had encountered this... At this point thinking I'd done something funky with my HTML.

I was surprised to find that my Google search was bringing up nothing relevant, instead bringing up posts about object embedding with flash, not what I was doing or encountering.

So I decided to log into Kentico CMS from Windows/IE. Fortunately, Kentico showed the same thing in the editor view, which turned out to be some characters that aren't visible under OSX, so I was able to delete these, save, and problem solved.

Where did these come from? My client provided their content in a PDF for extracting and using on the site as appropriate. I can only conclude that by copying the content, I was also copying some characters that weren't visible and they were being pasted into the page.

It goes to show that as web designers and web developers, cross platform/cross browser testing is invaluable as part of your quality assurance process to make sure that the website is suitable for use by your visitors.

Has anyone else encountered this before? What do you use/do for cross browser testing?

Posted: 13/01/2012 08:54:53 by Kurt Farrar | with 1 comments

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Jörgen Nilsson
Yeah, I had the exact problem and I also copied text from a clients PDF file directly into my text editor and built up the markup around it. Just as you mention I didn't see anything in OS X and my client are also working on OSX. Any connection maybe? My solution or fix was to just remove all the whitespace and re-indent the markup. So some sort of faulty char must have been inserted.
15/05/2012 08:41:45

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