IT consultancy

What is IT consultancy?

MyDigitalMedia's primary business is IT consultancy, so it's important that our customers understand just what we offer.

In a nutshell, we offer our expertise and advice on how your business can and should make use of IT to get the best out of both your investment, and your business. 

We regularly find that a large number of our customers aren't IT saavy, and what we take for granted is invaluable to our clients. Whether it be printing, wireless networking, the addition of a new computer to a network, their website, or something simply such as changing supplier for consumables. Anything, related to IT and how it's used to run your business, MyDigitalMedia can be there to offer you advice, and make recommendations. 

We can advise on areas such as renewing your business' computers to better suit your needs, implementing networking, disaster recovery / business continuity, web design / web hosting / eCommerce, integrating eCommerce systems with your back end systems, and making use of IT to streamline your business processes to allow both you and your staff to carry out higher priority task, improving productivity and reducing your operational costs.

How can we help?

The people and partners that work with MyDigitalMedia have experience with working in, and designing solutions for enterprise environments. Our leading IT Consultant has worked for a recognised market leading solutions provider and has experience in their best practices.

We believe that we can offer these solutions on a scale to meet small business needs at small business prices.

With some analysis of your current environment, and what you'd like to achieve, or what you'd like to do better, we can advise you and your business on what steps to take next. This could be to change your computer system to something open-source, costing less while providing you with more functionality, but may just as easily be to replace a single wireless router. 

Often, the largest savings can be made with the smallest investment in time and money.

What to do next?

Contact MyDigitalMedia today to arrange for a consultation. Let us show you, what your business can do, and how well it can do it. 

MyDigitalMedia are a small business IT consultancy specialising in web design, and web development creating high quality bespoke web solutions, and establishing our client's brands online, without a hefty price tag. Based in Widnes, Cheshire we cover all surround areas including St. Helens, Liverpool, Warrington, and Runcorn and have a number of national clients from throughout North Wales, and as far as Plymouth. Thanks to the internet, and online conferencing, we're never too far away. View our portfolio to view examples or projects that we have undertaken to date.