Kentico CMS

"It's pretty easy to use and looks great. The ability to add pictures is really simple also, it's easier than our previous CMS"
MyDigitalMedia have partnered with Kentico, a leading provider of content management systems to provide small businesses with the ability to maintain the content of their own website without any technical knowledge. This removes the need for changes to have go through your web design company, and therefore reduces your costs further.

With the cost of Kentico licensing starting from free, small businesses can now utilise the same systems that enterprises use to manage their websites allowing changes to content, to happen immediately, without the need to wait for your changes to reach your web design company, and for them to fit the change into their current schedule of work.

Built on ASP.NET, Kentico offers advantages over some other CMS systems in the way it performs. The system is pre-compiled meaning the server has less overhead in building the page to be served back to your visitor, when they are requested. Other platforms including PHP and classic ASP are scripted languages. This means that they are interpreted at run-time and can cause a delay whilst the server compiles the script in memory on the fly, particularly in high-load scenarios. In addition, .NET is a cutting edge development language allowing developers to extend the Kentico product with ease.

MyDigitalMedia are Kentico Gold Partners, this recognises our commitment to Kentico and the Kentico CMS. We have implemented a number of solutions for our customers utilising the Kentico CMS product, all with excellent results.

Feedback from our customers have included:

"I think Kentico is really good"
"It's pretty easy to use and looks great. The ability to add pictures is really simple also, it's easier than [our previous] CMS"
"I think it's better than my [old] CMS"
"It's fantastic - We are really pleased with how it is working!"

If you're ready to let MyDigitalMedia show you how a content management system could work for your website and your business, get in touch with us now. You'll be surprised how easy Kentico is to use, and you'll be impressed with how little it can cost.


Our current portfolio of sites built is maintained on our partner profile page at Kentico, available here:

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