August 2011
After a successful viral marketing campaign, the owners of Art of War Clothing consulted MyDigitalMedia to build them an eCommerce website, with specific requirements on appearance.

Starting out as sole traders selling their products through high street clothing retailer Ran, on Bold St, Liverpool, and at DJ events, the owners of Art of War Clothing wanted to take their business to the next stage.

Consulting with MyDigitalMedia, we were able to provide the pair with advice on the structure of their business, the benefits of going 'Limited', accounting, marketing, and (probably most obvious) how the internet can work for them.

Over the last few months, the business has seen itself gaining a huge interest from likers on facebook to purchase direct, and online, behind the scenes the website has been built and fine-tuned to match the Art of War brand, and tell their 'story'.

With a background in graphic design, essential for the designs that they produce on their line of clothing, the owners of Art of War Clothing were very particular on how their website is displayed, with particular attention to detail, ensuring that the site matches their brand and portrays the correct image and story.

The resulting website is launched today, visit:
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One of our Kentico customers recently asked how they could change the name of a page in Kentico CMS, and how they could also modify the menu item label to match. Naturally we told them that this is easy using Kentico CMS, and it is!

We've summarised the steps required here:

Firstly, you need to login to the CMS Desk with editor credentials. 
You'll then be presented with your document tree. These are all of the documents in your website. Some of these may not appear on your site menu/navigation. 
Select the document who's name/menu label you'd like to change. 
At this point, the right-hand side of the screen will refresh to show you further options.
Selecting the 'Form' tab will then allow you to change the 'Document Name' to something more suitable. 

As a CMS that is SEO-friendly, Kentico by default creates a new document alias for the document so that following a page name change, any links into the page both internally within the site, and externally (and therefore beyond your control) remain valid.

Give this a try and you'll see that this is another reason why we choose Kentico CMS for our client's Content Managed websites.
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We're pleased to announce that MyDigitalMedia has today become a Limited company. What does this mean for our customers? Well it doesn't mean a lot in the way that we work with, and treat our customers, but as you'll have seen in some of our other recent news, we've recently added more people to the team here and this change is to allow us to more effectively manage the way that we operate, and allowing us to better manage the future growth of our business.

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This week Danielle joins the team at MyDigitalMedia to build up the customer facing side of our business. With a background and qualifications in customer service, and experience in social media tools and successful social media marketing running her own businesses in the past, Danielle will likely be the person speaking to you on the phone first time when you call.


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